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To support our consultancy work we provide direct or through our network training
packages in support of solutions we prescribe. These are some of the safety
workshops we can offer, but more are avialable - please contact us


Setting up an internal audit program
Many accidents and injuries happen on sites that meet legal requirements They are not solely an issue of engineering or regulatory deviations but also if not more often an issue of inadequate safety behavior. A key contributor to the continuous improvement of safety is therefore the ability for an organization to assess the safety behavior of their people. To be effective, such assessments must be done in a structured way (organization, execution, follow-up). This program will allow your organization to set up such a system.
Safety Target Setting Workshop
When a company wants to improve its overall safety performance, all sites need to define a safety improvement program that will address its particular needs for improvement. Sites (or businesses) will need to work on issues under their control while being aligned with company objectives. For some issues they will need extra resources and such resourcing needs to be identified. The improvements must be measured over time.Targeted results and timing within a safety improvement program should be credible and ... realistic. During this training organizations will be trained on how to develop such targets, reach the objectives and measure progress in a data driven way.
Management of accidents
Accidents with high potential or injuries must be investigated so that plans can be put in place to prevent re-occurrence. Unfortunately, sometimes organizations find out too late that they are not well prepared for such events.
The workshop covers the various aspects of preparedness for possible accidents. Furthermore, we cover the successive steps of an investigation as well as methods to identify root causes. This is achieved through a practical role-playing exercise
The workshop concludes with the design of a corrective and preventive
action plan.